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Submitted on
November 24, 2012


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So I want to do two cosplays from Homestuck and I need some help figuring this out.

My first Homestuck cosplay is going to be Dave Strider.
Now here's my problem: I can't figure out how to get the red and white shirt with the record on it!
Ex. dave strider by xsweet-rainex
I have searched everywhere for it and have had no luck what so ever. I would prefer making it myself so if anybody knows where I could get a pattern for his shirt (I already have the symbol iron on) then that would be great. But just in case, if anyone has a link to where I could get the shirt that would be extremely helpful! Thanks!

Ok, my second Homestuck cosplay is going to be either Gamzee, Sollux, or Terezi.
Here's my problems: I don't know how to do the makeup for cons (so it doesn't rub off). I need Sollux/Terezi's glasses. I need to know how to make either Terezi's Cane or Gamzee's Juggling Clubs.
-I have heard of using something called Ben Nai (don't know how to spell it..) but where could I get that? Or is there something better to use for the makeup?
-I know most people make the glasses for Sollux/Terezi but how could I make them or where could I buy them?
-I'm not sure what exactly would be a good material for making the Cane/Juggling Clubs for cons without them being against con weapon regulations. Does anybody have any ideas?

So if anybody can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for reading this!
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For the makeup I would use any water-based makeup. I use Snazaroo when i do makeup for festivals - it doesn't rub off at all and is activated with water. Use watercolour brushes for application. It is available at mose theatrical supply outlets and craft stores like Michaels.

Other companies that manufacture similar (although less reasonably priced) makeup include ben nai, Makeup forever, and Wolfe.

As far as the shirt is concerned, if you want to sew it patterns for similar tops are manufactured by Simplicity and are located in the Pajama or unisex section or their pattern books. 9I don't perfectly recall the section, but they always make some form of shirt that looks like that)

Hope this helps!
try to watch some video by Fracnesco Sanseverino on youtube
Thank you for the advice. :)
chaoticratbxtch Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
When I was Vriska in a cosplay group with my friends we used Snazzaroo's body paint. It worked well, didn't come off or anything. My friend who was Nepeta had a minor allergic reaction to the paint, by the end of the day her skin became very dry. It wasn't serious though, and none of the others experienced anything like this so I guess it's different for everyone, but be sure to do a test before the con!
heroes-and-thieves Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
As far as Dave's shirt goes, if you search 'baseball tee' on eBay you should be able to find some pretty good choices. There's a lot of them on there that are fairly cheap and you can thereby use your iron on. As far as makeup goes... Ben Nye is known to be a good brand, yes, but there are other brands like Snazaroo and Kryolan that work great. (I have tried both brands and I would highly recommend them, more so Snazaroo because it has better consistency in my opinion.) You can prevent the makeup from rubbing off by applying sealant or even a bit of powder works like a charm as well.
BAMF-Legit-Cosplay Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Red and white baseball shirts can be purchased at printing shops, consignment shops, or Walmart.
For the paint, use a specific type of skin paint be Snazzaroo (just google the name and it should pop up). Get the light grey shade. Use a bit of setting powder after applying the paint, and it won't smudge at all. To remove, just scrub with soap and water.
Equius cosplayer, at your service ;)
BAMF-Legit-Cosplay Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*called Snazzaroo, not "be"

I hate this phone.
medalis Nov 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Ben Nye. Like the Science Guy!
Ben Nye is wonderful. I used it for my Monte Cristo cosplay (which was a full blue face, plus facial hair), and it was really good. You might want to have someone help you apply it, because walking out the door and no one telling you your makeup is splochy is embarrassing as all get. I've heard of that sealant keeps the makeup from running, and I think Ben Nye makes a 'sweat-proof' makeup sealer.
As for cost, Ben Nye cups cost about 4-5 dollars. I did about five full faces with one cup. You might also want to get shadows (dark gray/black), highlights (white), and maybe a little bit of your blood type (ie, teal, purple, etc etc) if you really want to go all out.
I bought my Ben Nye at a local costume store (Party Costume and Display). You can get Ben Nye online, and at any nearby costuming/party stories like the one mentioned.

When it comes to props, most people use foam, clay (I do no recommend it), or some other sculpting tool. I've carried canes around before (a full wood one, no doubt), and the Con Regulators haven't bothered me. You just have to go get it peacebonded and you should be fine; I mean, heck, you could carry around actual pins for Gamzee and they wouldn't care, so long as you have that nice little ribbon around it. I suggest, for the cane, to build it off a wooden dowel.

These could probably work for Sollux,and these for Terezi. If you want to make your own, I suggest consulting a local plastics store, like Tap Plastics or the like. Or you could google it and check out what people who've actually cosplayed those two have done, whichever.

Dave's shirt can be either bought online or make using a simple t-shirt pattern. Just elongate the sleeves, change the neck and armpit a bit, and tada! Simplicity or another pattern-making brand probably has a pattern for a shirt like this already (I believe it's called a 'baseball shirt').

... uh, whoops. Sorry for the ramble. Any questions?
PurityCandy Nov 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
[link] On this website they have Dave shirts.
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